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Web Design For Fort Wayne Area

Finally, functionality and great design in your web site at an affordable price!

Specialized Printed Products is Fort Wayne's premier, award-winning website design and ecommerce solutions company. We offer affordable, feature-rich website solutions for your business.

A website from Specialized Printed Products is unique because we offer unbelievable and unmatched power while still maintaining unparalleled ease of use to our clients.

Building your on-line brand takes more than just great website design. In today's web 2.0 world, you need integrated interactivity built into your website strategy.


  • No Maintenance Fees:

The best part about a web site from Specialized Printed Products is the ease of updating. You have total control over all aspects of the web site and no technical expertise is needed - we promise! Our amazing - Fort Wayne developed software - makes YOU a website expert!

  • No complex coding or web design expertise:

Event Calendars, Blogs, Video, Audio, Image Galleries - it is all right at your finger tips and you control it all without complex coding or months of training. It is as easy as clicking a mouse.

  • No long delays:

Thanks to the ease of use, initial design is done in days and not weeks and updates can be done instantly from your desktop anywhere and anytime you choose!

Take away the pain and cost of your web site with a user friendly and powerful web package from Specialized Printed Products.

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